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Guest Blog Post: Five Helpful Writing Tips for Your Fashion Business

I recently had the pleasure to write a guest blog post for Andree (Deedee), founder of T.H.O.C Fashion Design & Development Studio.

Deedee and I we happily connected through the brilliant PR guru Lucy Werner. If you are ready to get your name and brand out there, Lucy's website and books should be your first stopping point.

After conversing with Deedee, it made sense to fuse our expertise together to create a post that would be helpful to start-up fashion business. That is where the post Five Helpful Writing Tips for Your Fashion Business was born.

To start your endeavour, you need to sell your brand with written and spoken words that will entice, attract, and convert your potential buyers.

Curious to read the full article? Want to know some writing tips for your fashion business? Head over to T.H.O.C Fashion Design & Development Studio to:

As always, let me know if you have any feedback or questions:


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