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Key Takeaways from Top Drawer London - January 2023

Retail copywriter and strategist Aimée López presenting at Top Drawer London - January 2023

I had the privilege to present on the importance of having a signature product at the design-led retail trade show Top Drawer London this chilly January.

Workshop Overview

Want to know the key to your retail brand’s longevity and success? You need a signature product that keeps people coming back and wanting more. Think Chanel N°5, the Apple Mac, Coca-Cola, and Timberland boots.

In this 30-minute workshop, you will hear from two Top Drawer vendors who have created a signature product that has helped their brands glow and grow. This workshop will also feature an interactive portion with brainstorming questions.

Join retail copywriter and strategist Aimée López from Copy Unleashed and learn how one product can be the start of something truly great for your business.

This was the snippet that was added to all the Top Drawer brochures. So proud!

Read along to gain my quirky takeaways from the event.

Onstage with the lovely and talented Maria and Marie from Lush Designs

The presentation was also an opportunity to meet with two Top Drawer exhibitors to gain valuable insights into how having a signature product helped market and evolve their businesses.

Here I am onstage with Maria and Marie from Lush Designs talking about how their illustrative lampshades have expanded their product line by 50%. Pretty cool, huh?

The Importance of a Signature Product

Still not convinced that a signature product is the way forward for your retail business?

A signature or hero product is so important to retailers to establish brand awareness and positioning within a crowded market. 🤩

Why have a signature product:

👉 Cost-effective organic marketing opportunities (i.e. word of mouth)

👉 Enhances your brand positioning. You're an expert, right?

👉 Creates a circular buying pattern.

Me - retail copywriter and strategist talking to the crowd at Top Drawer London
on the importance of a signature product

Key takeaways from my recent presentation at Top Drawer London:

🎁 You can be prepared but you can’t be that prepared…

🎁 There were a lot more socially conscious retailers represented. YAY!

🎁 Keep hydrated as mentioned in my last Top Drawer recap post. Still stands today.

🎁  When I spoke to retailers at Top Drawer, their biggest marketing concern was being consistent on social media.

🎁 Some people were makers but felt somewhat forced to be a public figure for their businesses. Which is totally okay. Can we find a balance here?

🎁 People consume information better when it comes in threes.

🎁 There are more avenues to marketing than social media. 😆

🎁 Retailers felt overwhelmed about what to show on social media but were amazing in person as their passion for their products came through. Please don’t hold yourselves back. Share that passion throughout your marketing.

🎁 Yes, a signature product is important for your business development and marketing!

🎁 Don’t just gawk, support.

🎁 Storytelling! Get into it!

🎁 Repurpose, repurpose, repurpose!

I hope you found this useful. Email me at with your feedback.

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