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Product Descriptions

For the complete catalog of South American clothing marketplace, Shuuk. I changed the product names and created a production description formula that has increased Shuuk.'s conversion rates. I continue to work with Shuuk. on their worldwide expansion with web copy, campaign work, video scripts, and SEO product copy.

Shuuk clothing ad campaign image.
Web Page Copy

Been working regularly with ECCO Shoes since the beginning of 2021 on web copy, product descriptions, and video scripts. Helped to propel ECCO's copy to being more customer-centric. Our work together continues today. Example ECCO COZMO HYGGESOFT special collection.


Worked with UK women's athleisure brand Little by Little to create an SEO-optimized blog 

emphasizing self-care as an important factor in a woman's wellness regime. This helped to build brand credibility with

their audience.

Little By Little UK - Self-Care Blog Post
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