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Industry Secrets Unlocked with Aimée Lopez – Retail Copywriter

Great work can live beyond you. It can go to places that are unimaginable. That is why it is important to respect your craft.

I recently had the privilege of being interviewed for Andree Girard-Kemp's blog. Andree (Deedee) is a brilliant fashion design consultant and designer with many years in the biz. I am proud to call her a colleague and a friend.

Some takeaways from the interview:

What skills have you found vital to your job?

The natural skills you must possess are empathy, persistence, a thick skin, the ability to break down complex ideas to the simplest written form, and the ability to confidently say no. Everything else about copy can be learned.

Specific to my specialisation, you must know garment terminologies and know first-hand the benefits and feel of fabrics. I developed these skills during my time as a vintage clothing appraiser and seller.

To read more, visit Andree Girard-Kemp's blog.

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