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Don't Let Black Friday Bring You Down!

Black Friday shopping tag in mini shopping with red ballons in the background.
Black Friday photo by Karolina Grabowska

This piece is from my recent Instagram and Linkedin series on points to consider for your Black Friday marketing strategy. You can follow my musings via Instagram - @copyunleashed. Follow me and DM me to say hi.

Black Friday (26 Nov.) - yay 👍 or nay 👎? ⁠

RETAILERS - To have a sale or not have a sale? 🛍️ If you run a product-based business, Black Friday (26 Nov) will be the discount event to put on your calendar.⁠

When I recently surveyed fashion-brand owners, one person said that they made as much on Black Friday as they did in a whole month. 🤑⁠

Here are some statistics to contemplate:⁠

👉Adults between the ages of 26-35 are the group with the highest Black Friday purchasing potential. (Iowa State University)⁠

👉50.4% of women are Black Friday shoppers. (Mvorganizing)⁠

👉49% of shoppers claimed that free shipping was one of the biggest reasons for purchasing during Black Friday. (National Retail Federation)⁠

👉 116.5 million emails are sent on Black Friday. More than any other day of the year. (Sleeknote)⁠

👉 Targeted Black Friday emails get 5.83 percent more opens than non-targeted emails. (Sleeknote)⁠

👉Mobile transactions account for 66 percent of global Black Friday sales. (Sleeknote)⁠

Key take aways here are that retailers need to have a mobile presence, offer free shipping for the event, and have an email marketing strategy with a strong focus on 26-35-year olds.⁠

Discounting is an individual choice, but not one to be frightened of

30% of all retail sales occur from Black Friday until Christmas. (Ecommerce News)⁠ 🤯

As a copywriter with 26 years of retail experience, I suggest participating in Black Friday and/or Cyber Monday (29 Nov.). One of the key pillars of being a copywriter is understanding consumer psychology. It’s documented that if you give something for free, people will eventually reciprocate in kind. Of course, not everyone will but you must make your deal work for you too. 😎⁠

If you have an overstock of items that you want to unleash, this is a good way to keep your stock fresh as people will have been saving for their Black Friday purchases. 🤔⁠

Note, there are other ways to put new life into an item without discounting like updating your product photos, changing the product's name, or trying a new marketing approach. ⁠

There is a lot of noise out there. Black Friday may just be a marketing tool for your growing retail business and that’s okay. 🖤⁠

Get your retail game on fleek

If you’re going to participate in #blackfriday2021 (26 Nov.), the following will help you get your game on fleek.⁠

👉Email marketing - How is your email list? It’s a good idea to consider an email marketing strategy for Black Friday and I don’t mean just one email! I know you’re busy but plan for this. It’ll make a difference. ⁠

I attended a webinar with other copywriters on this very subject in August… ⁠

👉Your mobile presence - Have you looked at your website on your phone recently? Can people easily buy from you through their phones? This is a fact of retail life that’s not going away.⁠

Mobile transactions account for 66 percent of global Black Friday sales. (Sleeknote)⁠

👉 Free shipping is a great option as a Black Friday offer. You don’t need to go crazy with this. If you are a smaller business, consider offering free shipping for your country to make life easier. If you plan to do a decent amount of shipping for Black Friday, contact your preferred carrier to see if they can cut you a deal. ⁠

Best of luck with all your Black Friday endeavours. 🖤⁠

Get in contact with me if you’re in need of a wise-cracking copywriter to help you communicate these strategies to your target audience. Happy to help, ready to serve. 💪⁠

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