Grammar Is Ever-Evolving

Updated: Nov 2, 2021

This piece is from my recent Instagram and Linkedin series on my reflections on the evloution of grammar in our current society. You can follow my musings via Instagram - @copyunleashed. Follow me and DM me to say hi.

Yes, folks, grammar is ever-evolving. That’s the beautiful thing about language but one that often creates confusion.

Before I get the chalk out, I want to point out that everyone will have a grammar slip up because language is constantly on the move. I have read published pieces from top copywriters and writers with teams behind them where there was a grammar moment. It happens! God knows I’ve been there and I will be there again. I’m not perfect and I will never be perfect. I am serious though about being a wordsmith.

The reason I am bringing this up in my latest IG series is that businesses and service providers should try to put their best foot forward in all things because ultimately it’s a reflection on your business.

With the advent of mobile technology, grammar usage is facing its biggest challenge yet. Texting to your friends is one thing. Writing for a business is another.

I’ve put together in this carousel commonly misused terms I see brands use all the time.

Grammar is about readability. If people cannot read or do not want to read the words written, how effective is it?

Gen Z now holds 40% of the buying power. One way that brands are trying to capture this market is through written communication based on Gen Z’s tone of voice.

This push is now reshaping grammar. Gen Z’s written behaviour is based on communicating quickly through the internet. Punctuations are out the door, title capitalisations went the way of the Dodo bird, selective acronyms are in, and emojis are now used as a form of punctuation.

Great, cool, everything needs to evolve, but are we sometimes sacrificing what grammar already has in place to express the same things and in a more readable way?

People have commented that Gen Z’s style of writing is more conversational and friendly. I’m not hating. I personally feel that there is a time and place for every written piece. It just needs to be readable.


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I had an interesting conversation yesterday with a person I work with on social media captions for a major clothing brand that is expanding its business. I explained that there is proper textbook grammar and there is social media speak.

Social media speak is a great example of how grammar has evolved to suit a certain need or medium.

As a brand, sometimes you have to weigh out your objectives in reaching your target audience. Textbook grammar sometimes has to go out the window in certain cases. But again, make it readable!

AI tech like Grammarly is helpful for pointing out the odd typo but I find that these types of tech still do not understand the nuances of language. I haven’t tried the pro version, so I can’t comment on that. I do find that there are some incorrect suggestions from Grammarly that can’t replace good ol’ human finesse. Don’t rely heavily on these free versions to save you.

Let me know of other grammar notables you’ve seen from brands in the comments section below.👇

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