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E-Commerce After-Sales Service—Are You Failing Your Customers? - Now on

Photo by Ivan Samkov

Full article available on Ingrid -

Excerpt: Quite frankly, retailers and product-based businesses are failing customers and, in turn, doing a tremendous disservice to their businesses.

We have been programmed to primarily focus on customer acquisition. Our collective mindset is usually focused on getting people through the doors or completing that online purchase as soon as possible.

After all, the thinking goes, if people get a taste of our goods and services, they are going to remain loyal to our business.

By neglecting to consider e-commerce after-sales service, we are neglecting return customers at the expense of customer loyalty and increased profit margins.


I am incredibly honoured to have my article published on Ingrid's website. Ingrid is a fantastic new e-commerce service that connects merchants, carriers and consumers to create a better shopping experience for everyone. What e-commerce retailer doesn't need help with delivery logistics, right? In this article, I go over different action steps you can take to turn buyers into repeat customers through the post-sale process. Let me know what you think in the comment sections below or email me at


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